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One of The Sexy Top 10 Startups in the World in 2016

Top startups in the world are those newly introduced entrepreneurial ventures which entered the global market in recent past, but have already reached the zenith. These highly valued top startups have influenced and impressed their customers in more than one way. They have created a revolution that has literally spread to every nook and corner of the planet!

Be it governments, groups or individuals, everyone is plagued with this uprising activity. Top startup ideas are significantly contributing towards economic and social growth, leading to impressive improvements in human welfare.

After helping you with your list of Top 10 Must Read Books for 2016, we have now brought to you the list of Top 10 Startups in the World. They not only possess great vision but have also inspired millions of people across the globe.


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  1. UberTop 10 Startups uber

This American app-based taxi service provider is a household name these days. One of the top 10 business startups, it has reached a new milestone, raising an estimated worth of around $ 62.5 billion by the end of 2015. Since the company’s launch, several other organizations have imitated its business model; this trend is now being referred as Uberification.


  1. AirbnbTop 10 Startups

Second in the list of top 10 startup businesses, Airbnb is a website that became an instant hit amongst people looking for rented lodging. It is privately owned company headquartered in US. It was also in the top startups of 2014 list and is reported to have raised $1.5 billion in funding by 2015.


  1. XiaomiTop 10 Startups xiaomi

Reported as number one top tech startups 2014, Xiaomi truly deserves this position in the billion dollar startup club. This privately owned Startup Company is the world’s 4th largest smartphone manufacturer. Its valuation by the end of 2014 was more than $46 billion.

  1. Snapchat Top 10 Startups snapchat

This video messaging app was created by three students of Stanford University during their college days in 2011. Its huge success secured it position in the top 10 startups 2014 list. According to sources, the company had a valuation of around $20 billion by 2015 end.

  1. Palantir TechnologiesTop 10 Startups palantir-technologies

Started in 2014, this American software and service company is also amongst top startups of 2014. It specializes in data analysis and its services are mainly used by banks, financial firms and hedge funds. During the start of 2015, the company’s valuation was around $15 billion.


  1. FlipkartTop 10 Startups flipkart

This Indian e-commerce company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka; though it is registered in Singapore. It is a household name in India today and inspiration for upcoming entrepreneurs. Being in the chart of top 10 startup business is aptly justified for this company whose valuation by mid of 2015 was $15 billion.

  1. PinterestTop 10 Startups pinterest

One can say that it is more of a catalog of ideas than a social networking site. Pinterest mainly operates photo sharing website. Fortune magazine listed this startup on 8th position in its Unicorn list in 2015. By mid of 2015, the company’s valuation was around $11 billion.

  1. JawboneTop 10 Startups jawbone

Being in the top 10 startups chart is no big deal for this amazing American company that develops and sells wearable technology like wristbands, audio devices, headphones, speakers and also health tracking wearable devices. It has gained immense recognition for both its hardware and software.

  1. Didi KuaidiTop 10 Startups didi-kuaidi

A result of merger between two largest taxi hailing companies, Didi Kuaidi is one of the best transport network company of China. It is headquartered in Beijing. By mid of 2015, the company’s valuation was around $15 billion.

  1. Dropbox Top 10 Startups dropbox

Most of us know about this result of innovative top startup ideas.Dropbox is a ground-breaking startup we all love to use. The file hosting services provided by this company has made our lives so convenient. By mid of 2015, the company’s valuation was around $10 billion.



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