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Huge Collection of Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World

When it comes to recognition of most popular sports in the world,the decision is dependent on not one but several factors. It could either be on the basis of most favorite among fans or mostly watched or mostly played game in the world.

Over a period of time, the concept of sports has drastically changed and with that has changed our attitude towards it. Earlier there were only a handful of people who showed interest even in most popular sports. But in today’s world, it is seen as a source of entertainment as well as motivation for self-discipline and power of endurance.

Top 10 Most Popular Sports in the World


  1. Soccer

Being the biggest global sport, Soccer is No.1 in the list of top 10 sports in the world. Also known as Association football, it is dominant in Europe, South America and Africa. It governed internationally by the FIFA which is also responsible for organising World Cups ever four years.


  1. Cricket

Crazy fan following and massive media coverage have endowed this sport, the 2nd position in top 10 most popular sports chart. The game has gained huge popularity in England, the Indian subcontinent, Southern Africa, the West Indies and Australia. The highest governing body for cricket is ICC (International Cricket Council). Sachin Tendulkar and Mahender Singh Dhoni is the star player of india. Indian-team-photo

  1. Tennis

Another Universal sport that is played at all levels and by all age groups. Though it originated in England, it is now a major game of interest in Asia, Europe, Latin and North America. The 4 Grand Slam tournaments of Tennis include:Wimbledon, the Australian Open, theUS Open and theFrench Open.Most Popular Sports in the World

  1. Basketball

A major sport in US and China, as well as across Europe and South America, Basketball is also widely viewed. The National Basketball Association (NBA) players are amongst the world’s highest paid sportsmen. The NBA finals is showed in over 200 countries and over 10 countries are represented on the rosters.basketball-wallpaper-1280x768-1180x768

  1. Baseball

Baseball is substantially played in Japan and US, though it is popular in Canada, Korea and Mexico too. Some of the world famous leagues include: Major League Baseball (MLB) of US, the Central and Pacific Leagues of Japan, and the West League and East League of Cuba.

  1. Formula 1

This is the premier class of single-seat auto racing since 1950. The term F1 series comprises of a series of races called by the name Grand Prix and is held across the globe on both purpose-built circuits as well as public roads. The races are telecast in over 200 countries with an estimated viewership of around 500 million per race.formule1

  1. American Football
Most Popular Sports in the World American Football
Most Popular Sports in the World

The national passion of millions of Americans has brought this sport into this list. It is also famous among sports lovers of Canada, Mexico, Japan, Brazil and Nigeria. The NFL is the most popular American football league and its championship game the Super Bowl, is amongst the most-watched club sporting events in the world.

  1. Athletics
Most Popular Sports in the World Athletics
Most Popular Sports in the World

Truly a global sport with equally huge interest, Athletics is the most watched event across all continents. This name has been given to a collection of competitive events includingrunning, throwing, jumping and racewalking. The events are simple without the involvement of any complex and expensive equipment, thus making it the most commonly for competed sports in the world.

  1. Golf
Most Popular Sports in the World golf
Most Popular Sports in the World

This club and ball sport is majorly popular in Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, US, Japan, England and Korea but is also cherished by the rest of the world. The Major Championships include four most prestigious annual tournaments in professional golf. These are – Masters Tournament, US Open, The Open Championship, and PGA Championship. The biennial events Ryder Cup andPresidents Cup are also popular.

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  1. Hockey

Both field and ice Hockey are most popular in Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia. It is primarily a family of sports where two teams play against each other by maneuvering a ball or a puck into the opponent’s goal by using a hockey stick. The National Hockey League is an ice hockey league comprising of 30 member clubs, 7 in Canada and 23 in US.

Most Popular Sports in the World Hockey
Most Popular Sports in the World


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