Sizzling couples of Bollywood, the latest bollywood gossip

Well as the family size of Bollywood increase so does its relation grows with time. Well talking about the time we all have an idea that this year Bollywood has been coming up with so many new relationship and gossips.

We all know that was working in Bollywood there are so many times that it takes a Bollywood star to cope up with the other Bollywood co-star. Sometimes we may I see that it takes more than a half day for any four stars together with the other person and sometimes it may even lead to falling in love.

Few such legendary couples of Bollywood


  • Ajay Devgan and Kajol
  • Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bahaduri
  • Dharmendra and Hema Malini

Well, love never happens twice and surely their sizzling couple chemistry is even on-screen as well as off-screen too. Also this love cupid has hunted when you follow celebrities who are doing happy in this relationship.

What’s cooking in the relationship store this year?

Well last year was actually really tough for Bollywood as many have gone through separations and divorces last year but in the beginning of this year, we can see many new relations budding up and also many new flowers are blooming.

Top on the list is the on and off couple Alia Bhatt and Sidharth. Well on the other side where Sushant seem to have broken up with the gorgeous Ankita Lokhandwe on the other side here seems to have quite an interest in Kriti Sanon as well.

So, riding on track this Bollywood couples has yet not accepted their love for each other but surely there is something cooking in the store. Has not it been enough to see from all these photos shoots that yes this amazing young couple has many things in common?

Well if we see their onscreen movie Raabta, then surely their chemistry seems to sizzle everyone in B-Town. Well as we have discussed various breakups and made ups the most heartbreaking was seeing Hrithik and Suzanne getting apart. Though it was a mutual consent from both side, however, this awesome Bollywood duo seems toh give couple goals have sooner disappointed their fans for their made up over the relationship.

Not only there was shocking news but our love birds Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover has seen happily married was also another task yet. Seeing Bipasha on their other side of the story was mature enough to hold back but Karan who already is divorced twice seems to be happy with Bipasha. Sometimes, it still haunts us down the weather it is actually loved? Well, have a happy thinking on it!


Gossip of B-town

In news, we have been seeing the latest baby celebs on eBay social media page. Well talking about the b-celebs we should not forget that the young ones are soon shaping in to become like their parents.Abraham Khan, King Khan’s youngest son is the true copy of Shahrukh and Taimur has become the heartthrob of everyone these days.

And in the news is the celebration of the great features director of btown, Imtiaz Ali. Well, of course, this B-Day bash has to be great as of being one of the hottest beats of the simple directors as to frame. Deepika, Ranbeer, Shahrukh, Anushka all set to be seen wishing him great years ahead.latest bollywood gossip

Well, of course, Imtiaz is soon to Launch Jab Harry met Sejal, which also drives in my mind that it could have been somewhat a close connect to the movie Jab we met. But as we all know Imtiaz, He is not just a director of words but surely He has many things in his mind to create and work with. The movies though inline must not have subtle revolutionary concepts but a budgeted film would suffice the requirement of all the films that are intact in line.

In news, we have also ready that the Bollywood celeb star, Sara Khan Pataudi, daughter of Saif Ali Khan is seen to be offended against her wishes of working in Bollywood. The Papa himself is against of sending Sara in Bollywood, well how could be able to justify himself being an actor and also his wife being one of the top models.latest bollywood gossip

Well Talking about Aryan Khan then surely we have seen him growing as an amazing kid Like his father but hell He is not just a cute and romantic bit of btown but sexier than his father and one must admit that at this age Shahrukh surely didn’t have the six pack abs but his son does have. Anyway, He is seen to work out quite well against his other celebs sons and daughters. latest bollywood gossipWell, Aryan is not the next Bollywood star maybe but yes we Have Akki’s son in line too. The son has grown up to becomes a smart as his father and surely He has persuaded that He is not interested in acting but in real gameplay. He wanted to be a part of different games and as a father; he too wishes to learn Martial arts too.

These young kids seem soon to cover the milestone of what their parents must have achieved.

Well, these were the few gossips of Btown and their celebs but what about the newlyweds. The power pack couple for the Indian cricket team Yuvraj and Hazel of course has took our hearts and we wish to all the luck. Also Anushka, on the other hand, has now not been shy off with her relationship with the current Indian Cricket Captain, Virat Kohli. Though their relationship has to go through major breakdowns too as love always wins she has overcome and this duo has come back together with a bang…

Jennifer Winget on the other hand seems to hold the right place now after seeing his husband marrying thrice…

Well what more is coming in News, Bollywood will unwrap more masala in its next article to be shot down till then stay tuned at


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