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Paris Hilton is quite a lot many things… a business woman, socialite, model, actress, television personality, author, singer and DJ! Phew! In top of that her sex tape with her then-boyfriend Rick Salomon made her even more popular. Paris Hilton images are among teen favourites primarily because of her trend setting looks. People say that she is famous only because of her inherited wealth not because of her talents. But in the end, she is a winner; so who cares how!

Here are some of the latest news on her and Paris Hilton images in HD:

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Paris expanding her global empire

Paris Hilton has been busy these days. After a successful TV show Simple Life with bestie Nicole Richie, the entrepreneur cum international DJ is now expanding her already magnanimous business empire. After getting her own range of sunglasses, perfumes and shoes, Paris is planning to open a chain of hotels in Las Vegas, Dubai and New York.

With 20 fragrances to her name, 17 product lines and over 50 stores in her name, Paris Hilton is planning to expand the number of stores to 200! She recently revealed “Sunglasses shoes, clothing, makeup, watches. There are 50 Paris Hilton stores now, and we’re opening 200 more. I’m getting into real estate, following [in] my family’s footsteps, but my own thing, without the Hilton name. Soon I’ll be announcing some huge projects in the tech world — really insane projects that are so futuristic and cool. It’s top secret right now, so I can’t talk about them yet.”

She added “A lot of people, when they saw The Simple Life, assumed that was who I was in real life. “Now, they see me in a boardroom and how I am and what I’ve accomplished. I think I’ve proven myself. I get calls every single day from producers and networks begging me to come back to TV, but I’m so busy that I wouldn’t have time. I’m focusing on my brand and my business. I don’t have time to do a show.”

That’s quite a reply to people who think that she got famous just because she is famous!

Paris Hilton and Kanye West in the same room!


Recently there was a tweet on twitter saying that it was Paris Hilton who made Kim Kardashian famous. The tweet also said that before commenting on making the lives of other stars (referring to Kanye’s comment saying that he made Taylor Swift famous), Kanye West should focus on who made his wife famous! Apparently Paris liked this post thus proving that she believes in it!

The cold war between ex-besties Kim and Paris makes the recent spotting of Paris and Kanye at the Natalie Vodianova’s Love Ball, interesting. They tried their best to avoid each other in every possible way.

Paris recently attended the marriage of Karim El Chiaty and Victoria’s Secret Angel model Ana Beatriz Barros in Mykonos. She posted a selfie of herself from Mykonos in a beautiful blue dress and she looked really stunning in it.

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