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Jennifer Lawrence is at the top of her career now. She is currently the highest paid actress in Hollywood and has the highest demand in the industry. The Kentucky girl has earned four Academy Award nominations and has won one for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook in the year 2012. Her most popular works include the Hunger Games series and X-Men series. Her performance in these movies has made her a popular choice among teens. She excels not just in teen based movies but also in general audience ones. Jennifer Lawrence bikini look is very popular owing to her sexy body. Jennifer Lawrence images from movies may not be available but Jennifer Lawrence bikini photo from her vacations and holiday plans are very popular. 

Here is a list of Jennifer Lawrence Images:

NEW YORK, NY – MAY 23: Jennifer Lawrence Visits “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on May 23, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Asian fans angry over Jennifer playing the Mulan

Jennifer Lawrence is well known for her roles in teen-based movies like Hunger Games. Apart from her pics from Hungers Games, Jennifer Lawrence bikini photos are very popular. Rumors have started surfacing that she might play the role of Mulan in the upcoming Disney movie. Mulan is an Asian character and Jennifer is not Asian. This very fact is making Hollywood Asian fans angry all over the globe.

The role of the male lead, Mulan’s lover Li Shang, is also Asian but the role is going to be played by Zac Effron who is again English. So Asians are complaining against this casting as they consider this to be a method of whitewashing Asian influence in the story. They are suggesting Asian actors as the story is based on Asian characters.

When Unreel News, a parody site posted “Disney reportedly eying Jennifer Lawrence for live-action Mulan” on their site, people started taking it for real. The site a parody site and they make funny posts. But without realizing this, Asian fans have become very upset on this matter. A number of fans have started circulating petitions to make Disney change their decision to cast Jennifer Lawrence and Zac Effron in the Mulan movie.

Let’s see if it is just rumors or is a movie really being made on Mulan with Jennifer and Zac as the cast.

Is it Haley Bennet or Jennifer Lawrence?

Haley Bennet is an equally talented and beautiful actress as Jennifer Lawrence. In her last movie “The Girl on the Train” Haley earned a lot of appreciation for her performance. But what was interesting to see was that people thought it was Jennifer Lawrence on screen! Yes! People confused her for country girl Jenny!

Many fan posted on twitter saying that the two of them look strikingly similar.

Here are some of the tweets by fans:

“Just watched the whole of The girl on the train thinking Haley Bennet was Jennifer Lawrence.. she’s literally a double”

“Look I just want to know if anyone’s ever seen Hayley Bennett and Jennifer Lawrence in the same room”

“Hayley Bennett is like if someone tried to make a Real Doll out of Jennifer Lawrence”

“Hayley Bennett and Jennifer Lawrence could be sisters”

“Haley Bennett looks like someone made a fancy porcelain doll version of Jennifer Lawrence.”

Entertainment site Entertainment Tonight called her the next Jennifer Lawrence. After this the news of their similarity became more hyped. The site compared them not just because they look alike but also because of their acting skills. Here is what Haley had to say about the comparisons “I really admire her and I think she’s had an incredible career and I guess we both have blonde hair”.

Both the stars look very similar yet Jennifer Lawrence bikini photos are way more popular than hers.

Jennifer Lawrence turns moneyspinner!

The news is not at all surprising that Jennifer Lawrence is the highest paid actress of Hollywood. She is a highly talented and versatile actress. It is not just her acting skills that make her popular. Jennifer Lawrence bikini photos from her beach holidays and Jennifer Lawrence bikini pics from her vacations by pool side make a sensually desirable Hollywood celebrity. It is her popularity which has earned her loads of money and has made her the highest paid actress in Hollywood.

The actress was named as the highest paid actress of Hollywood last year by Forbes. And this year too she has made the headlines as she was named as the highest paid actress for this year too. For the second consecutive year the star has been named as the highest paid actress of Hollywood film industry. She has done just twelve movies in the last four years yet she has made it to the top of the money-spinning actresses of Hollywood.

Her last Hunger games movie, Hunger Games: Mocking Jay Part 2 has earned over 650 million dollars worldwide. Her earnings in the year 2016 was found to be 46 million dollars. Apart from Mocking Jay Part 2 she also appeared in the critically acclaimed Joy. Joy grossed over a 100 million dollars worldwide. She is going to star in a sci-fi drama movie called Passengers and Forbes predicts that she is going to be paid a hefty amount for her role in the movie.

Just behind was in the list was Hollywood hottie Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett’s last year’s earning was found to be 25 million dollars. She roped in around 17.5 million dollars for her role in Ghost in the Shell which is movie based on cult comic series. Jennifer left Scarlett and many other stars like Jennifer Aniston, Charlize Theron, Fan Bingbing and Julia Roberts behind her.

Jennifer Lawrence recently attended her best friend Laura Simpson’s wedding which was held at Tuscany Italy. She wore a beautiful yet edgy white jumpsuit and looked really chic in it. Her friend posted on twitter “Hey f——, I got married, look at this s—. #undertheternoskysun” with a pic of her and her husband walking down the aisle over flowers.

Check out the following Jennifer Lawrence photos and Jennifer Lawrence images in HD:

jennifer-lawrence-thigh-images2 jennifer-lawrence-thigh-images3 jennifer-lawrence-thigh-images4 jennifer-lawrence-thigh-images5 jennifer-lawrence-thigh-images7 jennifer-lawrence-tigh-images1

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