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How To Remove Gel Nails At Home At Very Quickly

It’s very easy and simple to remove the wax gel nails and get the original glossy shine on your nail beautiful as ever. We all know that the beauty secrets are difficult to catch upon and when it comes to our nails then as girls we all have an idea of how difficult it is to maintain the nails. Basically using gel helps to create another coat that will protect the nail from getting damaged. How to remove gel nails at home. Is such a difficult task to manage as there are so many things that one needs to keep an eye on. Nail and the cuticles are such an important part we have seen people who have nails that break down easily therefore it is necessary for them to maintain their nail.

So if you are confused and thinking how to remove gel nails at home then here we present you the sure short three DIY that will help you to remove the nails and get free of tension. Also to tell you more you all must know that the gel nails are actually not good for the nails are they harm and cause major damage to the actual nail bed underneath. Make sure use these DIY at home in order to get the best possible outcomes for the work.

How to remove gel nails at home
How to remove gel nails at home


If you have a gel manicure and it is a frequent treatment for you, then surely this diy foil will be of great help.

  • First you need to pick up a bottle of the acetone and also you must have few cotton balls too.
  • Make sure to have a roll of Tim foil.
  • Now scrap of Buff away the surface of you manicure using a scraper in order to remove the shine.
  • Soak a coin ball in acetone AMD directly put it over the top of the nail.
  • Wrap each of the first get using a small price of foil and remove it gently after 10 to 15 minutes.

You gel manicure would have sided right off with the cotton ball. So now you must have got an easier way of how to remove gel nails at home.

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Now the second is the soaking method.

If any of these didn’t work out well for you must know how to remove gel nails at home with this quick and easy steps.

Things required to remove gel Nails

  • a little elbow grease
  • two bowls (one slightly larger than the other)
  • Now first you need to fill in the larger bowl with some warm water, and then place the smaller bowl inside (make is as a double-boiler)
  • Pour some acetone
  • Let the solution get warm now you need to buff away the surface of manicure with a nail filer
  • Put your hands inside the acetone and now you must allow the gels to soak off.

After few minutes you will see the corners getting removed with the gel. The above two are the best diy for how to remove gel nails at home. The steps are simple and easy. So, go get your manicure removed now without working hard.

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