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Beautiful & Hot Tennis Girls Players Who Can Take Your Breath Away

Tennis is something that everyone knows about and love watching as well. It is a sport loved and watched by all. This sport has gained popularity in worldwide because of two reasons- the amazing concept and of course because of the hot tennis girls. The girls who play tennis are not only the best players but also are a beauty. Their beauty and looks are adored by everyone and mostly men. They are a perfect package of fitness and good looks. These tennis girls when walk down the court steals the breath of many people. They not only look astonishingly beautiful but also determined and focused on their game. You can watch Hot Tennis Girls sexy picture.

Top 10 Sexy & Hot Tennis Girls Players :


It now totally justifies why there is way more than just the game to watch in tennis. Even the most searched topic in the internet is of female hot tennis girl players photos. Tennis has a number of stunning women who are best in both the places. In the court an in real life they are something worth appreciating. However men are also there in tennis but women are the one who drives the sport in the whole world. The girls when dressing up in their short skimpy skirt, a tight mini short and a vest, anyone is sure to skip a beat.


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And nothing will be better than watching these ladies running, bending and giving their best shots in the court. Below is a compiled list of some of the hottest tennis players that you would love to check:

Camila Giorgi: Her looks will definitely give you all the answers that why she is in the top of the list. At the age of 23, this Italian beauty has won 5 singles titles and WTA title as well. This lady is someone worth watching and cheering for. Moreover, she is always followed by controversy but her beauty is definitely unmatched.


Daniela Hantuchova: This beauty has beaten Martina Hingis in the Indian Wells Tournament in 200 and got her first title. She also won 6 other titles and is a heartthrob at the age of 32 for many men out there. She is definitely a beauty with talent.



Dominika Cibulkova: Known for her aggressive and quick style, this tennis player is not a perfect sport but also a perfect beauty. She earned 2 ITF Titles and 4 WTA Titles and also appeared in 4 grand finals. She is just 26 and it seems that there is no perfect suitor for her at this moment.


Serena Williams: The best tennis player ever to beat she is not only talented but smoking hot and beautiful. She is number one in tennis with 34 Grand Slams. She is always in the headlines because of the tight shorts that are way too perfect for her curvaceous body.


Tsvetana Pironkova: Daughter of a former swimming champion, we can see were does she get the motivation from. She is trained and coached by her father and is not only talented but is an eye catching beauty. She earned 1 WTA Title and 6 ITF Titles. She also beat Venus Williams, sister of Serena Williams three times for a record during Grand Slams.



Caroline Wozniacki: A combination of a tennis player and model will give you Caroline. This Danish player is just 25 and is the angel of the court. She is beautiful and talented and will make any man fall for her looks and game. And when this beauty is seen on the magazines in nothing but a bikini then there is nothing around you more attractive than that.


Martina Hingis: 11 times Grand Slams winner is this pretty lady. Can you believe it? Well, this Swiss raised beautiful woman has a lot of things to offer than just tennis and that’s obviously her stunning looks. With many ups and downs like lawsuits and injuries, this woman is a symbol of strength and motivation as well. There is nothing that can pull her back and at the age of 35 and married she is still favorites of many.


Maria Sharapova: This Russian beauty is a famous tennis player at the age of only 28. Her treasure of achievements includes 35 WTA’s, 5 Grand Slams, 4 ITF’s, a silver medal in Olympics and, and her long list of fans. Apart from tennis she has done many endorsements and became a public figure.


Mandy Minella: 8 Single titles, 5 doubles on ITF and 2 double titles is what this girl has achieved. She is known for her quick progress by rising from rank 66 to rank 47 in just one year. She ages 30 and is married to her coach Tim Sommer. She is still a lady to steal the attention of many and it is also rumored that 2016 will be the last year of her professional tennis.


Maria Kirilenko: 3 Grand Slams in the quarter-finals, this Russian player is not a player but a heart-stealing beauty. She also won a bronze medal in London Olympics in the year 2012 and got married the other day to her boyfriend, this lady is still the most attractive to drool over.


There are much more attractive women in tennis whom you love to watch but these are the top ten you should know. Watch out for hot tennis pics of these players and you will get the reason behind their getting famous. Even many tennis players posed naked for ESPN’s Body Issue and you can have a look on their pics by searching for pictures of nude tennis players that will let you know what these players have struggled in their life and how difficult their journey to fame and popularity was.


Lastly, these women are a piece of inspiration to many and they also make it seem possible that talent and beauty can exist together and no matter what sports you are playing, you can still be beautiful if you wish and try to.


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