7 Home Decor ideas to steal from Katrina, Alia and other stars

We all want to peep into the lives of our favorite celebrities. Apart from lavish homes and unique wardrobes, our celebrities love decorating their homes with some extraordinary ideas. If you ought to set up your new apartment, we are presenting you with some tips you can borrow from our famous Bollywood stars.

Wall of Mirrors:

Our very bubbly Alia Bhatt lives in her new home with her sister Shaheen. The house has been customized by both the sisters. Being extremely young, Alia has included a lot of fun elements to her home. She has got a full wall of mirrors in her home which is just like a traditional photo wall like we design usually. The only difference is the use of mirrors which gives a mirage of larger living space along with a blend of elegance.

Balcony Garden:

Two famous actresses Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma believes in living clean and green. It’s said that charity begins at home likewise all healthy things also begin from the proximity of our home. You can grow organic vegetables in your balcony garden. In the modern era of living in flats and apartments, the only way out to stay close to nature is the set-up of a balcony garden.

Upcycled Furniture:

Dia Mirza has always stated in her interviews that one should be maintaining a healthy lifestyle even if residing in an urban jungle (urban jungle refers to the city life). Dia has upcycled all her furniture form the old wood because she believes in old is the gold thing.

Light Installation:

Rhea Kapoor loves to decorate her home with lights and that’s why she has incorporated different types of lightening installation in her home. Lights bring out the beauty of any home so try to incorporate lightening ideas to your home and see the change.

Personalised Linen:

Priyanka Chopra is in love with the idea of embroidering her name on her personal linen. She has got it done on her cushions and other material as well. So it’s a great and different idea to steal the attention of everyone.

A Cosy Alcove:

Jacqueline Fernandez loves the serenity of nature. This is the reason she has transformed one corner of her home into a cosy alcove. Studded with indoor plants, cushioned seating arrangement and a lot of throw pillows. A cosy alcove is always a great idea for decorating a home.

Metallic Showpieces:

Deepika Padukone has got so many antique metallic floor lamps and showpieces in her home. Metallic showpieces add a royal look to your home so try incorporating them to the beauty of your home.

Everyone dreams about getting his/her home designed in a unique manner so that everyone visiting in gets an impression left in their mind of your home interior. If you are confused about your home interior to get a home interior design consultation and get your dream home designed your way.



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