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Check Out Top 15 Hollywood Comedy Movies Of All Time

With time, many things changed but the craze for movies never changed. Movies are made and people watch them with enthusiasm and interest. There are movies made of different genre such as thriller, action, romantic, comic, etc. Out of the list, comic or comedy movies are very much enjoyed and watched by all. Comedy movies are something that is enjoyed by people of all age group. Hollywood has always been in top of producing some hilarious comedy films of all times that are not only filled with extreme fun but are also timeless as anyone can watch it over and over without getting bored. The timing of the comedy and the plot, story, screenplay, everything is just perfect in Hollywood comedy movies.

Check Out Top 15 Hollywood Comedy Movies Of All Time :


If you wish to watch some great funny Hollywood movies, you need to first make a list of some of the great movies made ever and then start watching them one by one to enjoy them to the fullest. Watching a good movie will not only be worth your time but will also let you refresh. A bad movie will leave you annoyed and the dislike may not help you to watch other movies.


For watching some of the best Hollywood funny movies you need to make a list of all the amazing movies or you can simply choose one form the below stated top 15 Hollywood comedy movies of all time:

1 . Home Alone 

hollywood-comedy movies

Released in 1990, this movie is a must to watch as an eight-year-old is left accidentally at home where the kid deals with two burglars. Watching the kid’s efforts in saving his house form robbery would be fun.


2. Dumb & Dumber :

hollywood comedy movies-dumb_and_dumber


If you are making a list of comedy movies then your list would be incomplete without this movies. Released in the year 1994, this movie showcases how two unintelligent best friends struggle at every aspects of their lives and that too in a funny way.

3. American Pie:


A 1999 sex comedy film that shows the desperateness of four high school boys who are looking forward to lose their virginity by the need of prom. Will they succeed in doing that or will they be defeated by various sexual debacles will be interesting to watch.

4. Meet the Parents :

hollywood comedy movies

What happens when a male burse goes to meet his girlfriend’s parents and there the father of the girl is someone who is always a hurdle in the date. Add this too in your list of comedy movies as it will be fun to watch the father dropping in unexpectedly in his daughter’s date.

5. Big Fat Liar :

hollywood comedy movies

Released in the year 2002, when a Hollywood producer finds a young boys essay and thinks to make a film on, the boy travels to Los Angeles to claim his credit. Will he get his credit so easily or there will be some series of events?

6. Taxi :



How a loud mouth taxi driver gives some hot tips to the city cops in solving a string of bank robberies on New York will be something fun t watch.

7. The Pacifier :



When you give a soldier to protect kids then it may turn into something else. Watch how the disgraced Navy SEAL deals with the five kids who he has to protect.

8. Superbad-


How two co-dependent high school boys are forced to stay separate and suffers anxiety and how they deals with is something that will make you laugh.

9. Norbit-


When an average man is engaged with a monstrous woman then things definitely can’t go normal and there the huge laughter is created. Also watch how the man fins the girl of his dream.

10. The Hangover-

hollywood comedy movies

How will you feel when you wake up from your hangover of a bachelor’s party and find your bachelor friend missing? Watch this movie to know about it while you laugh your heart out.

11. Spring Breakdown :


Watch three women going on a vacation in their spring break and what all things they do right their which is a destination for college co-eds.

12. Grown Ups-


Watch five good friends reuniting on the fourth of July holiday weekend after their basketball coach passes away.Listed in the Hollywood Comedy Movies

13. Bridesmaids

hollywood comedy movies

When two girls compete to become the bride’s best friend and also for becoming the bridesmaid and maid of honor, laughter is about to come.

14. Jack and Jill-

hollywood comedy movies

When a family guy prepares for the thanksgiving for his twin sister then there comes a series of comic events that will let you roll laughing on the floor.

15. Paul-

hollywood comedy movies

Watch to know what two comic book geeks who travels across US finds an alien. Also watch to know their reaction and how they deal with it. This is my fav Hollywood Comedy Movies.

You can either watch any of the movies listed above or you can make a list of movies according to your taste. You will also get to see many Hollywood funny movies dubbed in Hindi. Hindi speaking people enjoy watching comedy Hollywood movies in Hindi more than in English.

To watch a great movie that too in Hindi, you can search over the internet or you can make your very own list of comedy Hollywood movies dubbed in Hindi. Few comedy movies that are dubbed in Hindi are Bindaas Bawarchi, Udan Choo, Hot Tub Time Machine, Dumb & Dumber, and many more.

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