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Top #10 Fun Facts About Bolivia That You Must Know in 2017

If you love to know various fun facts about the things then surely this is the best website that you would rely on. We here provide the best features and facts about new places and various interesting and unknown facts that will amaze you. The fun facts about Bolivia, will give you a standard brief overview to give you a head start.

Check out Top 10 Weird Fun Facts About Bolivia:


Fun Facts About Bolivia No #1

More than 10 million people live in Bolivia and it is located in the middle of the South America. It borders the Brazil in the north and east. It border Paraguay in the southeast and Argentina in the south whereas Chile and Peru are also its neighbors. The country comes with various mix cultures.

Fun Facts About Bolivia #2

The name of the country seeks its permanent residence in the name of the leader in Spanish American wars of independence, as Simon Bolivar, which officially came in confidence in the year 1825.


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Fun Facts About Bolivia #3

The La Paz which is 11,910 ft tall is the highest capital city in the whole world. The country’s official capital is Sucre but the working capital is La Paz.


Fun Facts About Bolivia #4

We know that there are more than 30 official languages and they have a diverse culture of about 36 native cultures. As there are so many different countries bordering the country it gives a video sustainability to hold a diverse cultural existence. The main languages spoken in the country are Spanish, Quechua and Aymara.


Fun Facts About Bolivia #5

More than 78% of the population belongs to the Roman Catholic. Also the best thing about the country is that the youth of the country is not forced to out for the same religion as of the parent and they can be secular with the religion and the choice they make.

Fun Facts About Bolivia #6

Also when it comes to hold the beauty of the place then Bolivia has to world’s largest butterfly sanctuary which adds on the actual beauty of the place.

Fun Facts About Bolivia #7

Where on one hand we see that the Bolivia is a beautiful country we have also seen this country with the most dangerous roads in the world which is known as the “Road of Death”. Well if we count on the city builds then only 30% of all roads in Bolivia are cemented.

Fun Facts About Bolivia


Fun Facts About Bolivia #8

Talao as we talk about the culture and division with the secular country the best thing is that it still helps them to stay connected with the spiritual love and they still worship “El Tio” (which means Satan that stands for itself and right authority) and “Pacha Mama” (Mother Earth) with sacrifices that are made.


Fun Facts About Bolivia

Fun Facts About Bolivia #9

Many people live at the height of 10,000 in the Andes Mountains, which is nearly the place genre the airplanes fly in the clouds.

Fun Facts About Bolivia

Fun Facts About Bolivia #10

As we have talked a lot about the beauty and culture let us talk about the domestic pet which is the guinea pig.

Fun Facts About Bolivia


More Information Of Bolivia

Capital: Sucre
Largest city: Santa Cruz de la Sierra
Dialing code: +591
ISO code: BOL
Currency: Bolivian boliviano (BOB)
Official languages: Spanish, Aymara, Chiquitano, Quechua and 33 other native languages

Independence Of Bolivia from Spain
Declared: 6 August 1825
Recognized: 21 July 1847
Current constitution: 7 February 2009

Population Of Bolivia
2014-03-25 estimate: 10,556,102 (83rd rank worldwide)
Density: 9/km2 (221st) [23/sq mi]

GDP (PPP), 2015 estimate
Total:    $73.879 billion (91st worldwide)
Per capita: $6,420

Time zone of Bolivia: BOT (UTC−4)

Final Conclusion

We hope that these fun facts about Bolivia have made you more aware about the diverse and cultures about the country.

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