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Did You Know About These Bollywood Controversies 2017

There are so many Bollywood actors and actresses that have been in the scandals and so many controversies that revolve around them. Being in the B-Town it has really been important to be protected and conserved but the more you hide the more it gets into you. These Bollywood actors and actresses have really been in the zone in which they are restricted but once they are out in public there where about are obviously getting traced! Have a look towards the Bollywood controversies 2016 which makes it really frizzy and also unusual towards the part of the actors.

Actors as well as actresses more have been in the zone where controversies directly strike through them. Controversies like the affair of the actors and the actresses any MMS leaks or they have been caught up in a place not recommendable become a taboo for them. No matter how much big or less of a star you are if you are on national TV definitely you will be on the page 3 too.

Watch Top 5 Bollywood Controversies 2016

. The big breakup score between Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor has just broken apart. Even the movie which these two were doing has been postponed for quite a long time.

Bollywood controversies 2016

2. Aamir Khan ends his intolerance talk against India made a huge statement. He was actually an ideal for the fans and his verdict against India definitely took him many steps down.

Bollywood controversies 2016

3. The hook up of Kangana Ranaut with the cool dude Hrithik was also an eerie thing to hear.

Bollywood controversies 2016

4. Arijit Singh and Salman Khan Fracas was a really big trouble for the former as taking up fight with Bhai was such not a good deal. He was against the decision and even lamented on FB about how he was replaced in Jag ghoomeya by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan.

Bollywood controversies 2016

5. Priyanka Chopra who wore an insensitive T-shirt for a magazine apologized for her inappropriate behavior.

Bollywood controversies 2016

6. Akshay Kumar Enjoy With Jackeline in Pool 

Bollywood controversies 2016


The more you are on the tracks of the of the Bollywood train the more likely it is to become visible and loud to the audience. To how you look and what you wear it becomes a task for the Bollywood stars to be presentable on TV. We all know that the Controversies and Bollywood film industry go hand-in-hand and in the previous year it has been a mega blockbuster of the controversies that are been held for the B-town. Successfully the year 2016 has been lot likely to be more grateful as we can say for the Bollywood movies but unfortunately more disaster for the Bollywood couples.

The year 2016 has been a successful year for the film fraternity and likely produce more gems and even gossips than ever would have happen. The years, Bollywood controversies 2016 have successfully been hitting the TRP’s to the rooftop. Let us have a look at the Bollywood controversies 2016, which have created many or I can say maximum noise.


There has also been a lot more cooking in B-Town and definitely there is a lot more to come. Keep liking and commenting!


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