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Watch huge List of 90s kids shows Complete Detail With Video

I can bet you are going to have a nostalgic moment going through the following 90s kids shows... How amazing were those times when we had nothing to worry about and just binge watch out favourite tv shows all day long! Watching them today brings back our childhood memories and makes us all teary and wimpy.

Here is a list of the favourite 90s kids shows that had filled our childhood days full of fun and frolic:


90s kids shows

The biggest sensation of the 90s had to be this TV show! 5.30 pm every evening our eyes remained glued to the TV for this particular show. With the new game Pokemon Go creating a lot of buzzes nowadays, the popularity of this show cannot be explained in words. Ash, Misty and Brock and their Pokemon truly made this 90s kids tv show the best among all.

Cardcaptor Sakura:

90s kids shows

This cute little ten-year-old got girls in the 90s all excited when aired on tv. Sakura went on to retrieve the missing magical cards that she had accidentally released a book in her basement. Each card had its own unique power and Sakura had to battle it out with and seal it in the book. The background music and theme song of the 90s kids tv show made the show even more appealing.

Barney and Friends:


90s kids shows

These kids show from the 90s was particularly aimed at the tiny tot audience. First aired on TV in the year 1992, it featured a giant purple dinosaur who educates kids in a entertaining manner through songs and dance sequences. The show was a huge hit and demand for its return to the TV has led to plans being chalked out for its revival in 2017.


90s kids shows

The TV show was as good as the novels by R.L. Stine. Horror tele series Goosebumps was first aired in the year 1995. It had kids and teens caught is terrifying situations which involved ghosts and spirits of different kinds. Though its spooky plots and eerie storylines were really good, they were restricted to children above seven years old only.





Japanese animation TV shows were listed among the Best 90s Kids TV shows and Digimon was one of them. After the immense success of the show Pokemon, the concept of digital monsters was penned down and Digimon was created. In this much-beloved kids TV show from 90s, Taichi with his friends helped their digimons evolve into better forms.

Dexter’s Laboratory:

Dexter's Laboratory

The 1996 TV show based on an extremely talented boy Dexter and his over active stupid sister Didi was a huge hit back then. We loved how Didi’s insanely annoying activities put boy genius Dexter’s experiments in the dumps! The brother-sister duo made Dexter’s Laboratory one of the top 90s kids show.

Art Attack:

Art Attack

Hosted by one of its makers Neil Buchanan, Art Attack was one of the favourite TV shows for the 90s kids. Neil not just taught different methods of painting but also showed innovative art techniques in the show and taught how to make interesting and amazing day to day things from scratch.

Dragon Ball Z:

Dragon Ball Z

Yet another Japanese anime on the list! This 90s kids tv show had dedicated and loyal fan following. It was aired in several countries like USA, Latin America, India, Australia and in several countries of Europe. The adventures of Goku and his friends to save the earth from a wide range of enemies like intergalactic beasts, Android monsters, magical creatures etc.



One of the most adorable TV show characters of all times, Pingu left an irreplaceable mark on every 90s kids’ heart. It is a stop motion clay animated television series which was first aired in 1986. The funny and cute Pingu, his sister Pinga and friend seal named Robby got into mischievous activities and show revolved around it. It won a BAFTA Award too for its brilliant comic scenes. It truly is one of the Best 90s kids shows on television.

Timon and Pumba:

Timon and Pumba

The Lion King movie was certainly one of our favourite movies and its characters Timon and Pumba became such a hit that they had their own television show.it became one of the most watched 90s Kids shows. We all went singing ‘Hakuna Matata’ every time the show started. Many characters of the Lion King like Simba, Zazu, Rafiki, Quint and much more often appeared in the show.

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