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2017 Fresh List Most Popular 80s Tv Shows Aired on Televison

TV serials have always been our favourite time killer. On the weekends we love to binge watch our favourite shows with a huge stack of popcorn on our laps. 80s TV shows have a huge fan following. People still love to watch these classic TV shows from the 80s on holidays.

Here is list of some of the most popular 80s Tv Shows:



Considered as India’s first soap opera, Humlog was telecasted on Doordarshan. It is based on the daily life grievances of a middle-class family. It was so popular in the 80s that in the year 2000, Sony bought the tapes from Doordarshan to re-telecast the show in a shortened version.



Based on the epic Hindu novel of the same name, it is certainly the most popular TV show of the 80s and shows of the same concept are still being made today. Released in the year 1988, Mahabharat was dubbed in several south Indian languages after its popularity soared.


80s Tv Shows-fauji

This popular TV show of the 80s was based on the training sessions of an Indian Army commando regiment. Mainly known as Shahrukh Khan’s noticeable TV debut, this 80s TV show was a huge hit. It was aired in the year 1989 on DD National.

Kahan Gaye Wo Log:

Kahan Gaye Wo Log-

Aired on DD National, this show was based on Indian patriots fighting for their nation. The patriotism theme and excellent acting of the cast earned it Aadhaarshila Award for being the Best Patriotic Serial and was given by the then Vice-President of India, Mr. Shankar Dayal Sharma.

Malgudi Days:

80s Tv Shows-malgudidays

Based on the popular work of R.K. Narayan, this TV show was aired on Doordarshan. Watching it today brings back those amazing memories of Narayan’s beautiful work. The show is as good as the books making it one of the best 80s TV shows of all time.

Phul Khile Hain Gulshan Gulshan:


We had no Koffee with Karan back then, but we had this talk show from 80s which was an equally huge hit. Actress Tabassum interviews different stars from the movie and tele world. It was aired for more than two decades, from 1972 to 1993. The chat show also had small movie clippings in between the conversation to add to its entertainment factor.



Undoubtedly one of the best TV shows of the 80s, Chitrahaar is a 25-minute show which comprises of the latest songs from Bollywood. It was first aired in the 1960s on DD National and since then it has been a fan favourite. It is the longest running film based programme in the history of the tele world.


TV shows of the 80s-nukkad

Directed by Kundan Shah and Saeed Akhtar Mirza, Nukkad is based on real life situations and traumas faced by people with low income. It was one of the three most popular 80s Tv Shows, Buniyaad and Hum Log.

Vikram Aur Betaal:

Vikram Aur Betaal

Who has not heard the stories of Vikram Betaal from their grannies? Well this TV show is just a pleasant reminder of those times. The tales of King Vikram and betaal hung behind him taught kids good life lessons and were a lot fun to watch.



Ramayana and Mahabharat are the two most epic Hindu stories and thus the TV shows based on them were bound to be very successful. The show was aired in 1987 and garnered a lot of positive reviews. Many shows based on the concept have been made till now but the first and the original version stand out of them all.


Buniyaad 90s-tv-shows

The popular drama series of the 80s was directed by famous director Ramesh Sippy and Jyoti. Based on the partition of India and its aftermath, Buniyaad was first aired on Doordarshan in the year 1986. It was again aired on DD Metro in 2000s. But its demand just never ended. It was re-aired again and again on several private channels making it one of the best 80s Tv Shows. It had actors Kanwaljeet Singh, Kruttika Desai and Alok Nath as its cast who are still popular actors in the Indian television.


TV shows of the 80s-karamchand

Starring Shahid Kapoor’s Pankaj Kapur and Sushmita Mukherjee, Karamchand is a detective television series. It is about a detective who helps the local police catch the goons in the city. The show was aired in 1985 and gradually became very popular.

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