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A few years back, Balika Vadhu was the most popular show on television and the star performer of the show has to be given to Avika Gor, the girl who played the role of Anandi. The adorable little angel has now grown into a fine beautiful woman. Avika Gor images were very popular after the airing of Balika

Here is a collection of Avika Gor Images with all the latest news about her:

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Vadhu.After working in Sasural Simar Ka, Avika Gor is one of the rising stars of Indian movie industry. She has done a Tollywood movie Uyyala Jampala and has also been a part of a Kannada movie Care of Footpath 2.



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Avika Gor’s character in Balika Vadhu and Sasural Simar Ka required long locks as a result of which she never got to experiment with her hair. Right after bidding adieu to Sasural Simar Ka, she chopped off her hair real short! In her recent posts in Instagram she can be seen going all geeky with black n yellow specs and cropped hair.


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Her photo shoot with her Sasural Simar Ka co-star and alleged boyfriend Manish Raisinghani steered quite a lot many heads. Even though Avika is no longer working in Sasural Simar Ka, her closeness to Manish still persists. On her last birthday Avika posted a pic with Manish in her new look and it was loved by her fans. Check out the following Avika Gor images from her instagram posts:


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Avika Gor at Cannes film festival

Avika is one the rise! After having a successful career in the Indian television industry, Avika is trying her hands in making shot films. She recently attended the prestigious Cannes Film Festival for a short movie that has been directed by her.

Avika donned a prussian blue one shoulder gown with minimal jewellery that drew maximum attention to her gown. She was accompanied by many friends and co-star Manish Raisinghani to the event.

Check out some of the Avika Gor images from the Cannes Film Festival:

avika-gor-and-manish-raisanghan-sexy-ass avika-gor-and-manish-raisanghan-hot-picture

Avika is off to Vietnam for her holidays

After an eye catching presence on the Cannes red carpet, Avika is now off for a vacation. The actress had been very busy shooting prior to her vacations. She was busy with her short film that she showed at the Cannes Film Festival this year.

She posted a pic of her boarding pass in Thai Airways to Hochimin City in Vietnem. Her Instagram post with the pic had caption “#vietnam #hochiminhcity .. here i come..”. She also posted a pic of the bouquet she received on arriving at the airport.


aviak Avika-Gor-and-Manish-Raisanghani-With-Manish-Bhinder avika-gor-cannes-films avika-gor-cann Avika Gor images from the Cannes Film Festival

Her other Instagram post read “And that love calls me again to meet these #beautiful #souls for #sasuralsimarka ..#proudmoment . I m coming .. #hochiminhcity on 23rd june 2016 . ..Thnk u all …”

Along with vacation, she is also going to be involved in some charity work in Vietnam. During her three day trip to Vietnam , Echannel-VTVcab5, a Vietnamese film broadcasting channel, has paired up with Avika Gor for a US$30,000 charity donation to the Cho Ray Hospital to offer free treatment to disadvantaged children. She also attended a media event in the South city of Vietnam to talk about her career.


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